CUNUFF – Results 2005


Professor Nick Proferes

Professor, Film Department of Columbia University, School of the Arts. Professional Filmmaker
Nicholas Proferes is a director/cameraman and editor of “Free at Last,” a 90-minute documentary on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., awarded Best Documentary, Venice Film Festival, 1969. He was the director of photography and editor of “Wanda,” a feature film directed by Barbara Loden, which was awarded Best Picture, Venice Film Festival, 1971; and was the co-producer, director of photography, and editor of “The Visitors,” a feature film directed by Elia Kazan. His textbook, Film Directing Fundamentals: Script to Screen, was published in early 2001.

Scott Brock

Professional Editor
Scott Brock is an editor with seventeen years of experience in the motion picture industry. In addition to “Limbo,” he has been principal editor on numerous films, including “The Moderns,” directed by Alan Rudolph, “Horace Tapscott: Musical Griot,” directed by Barbara McCullogh, and recently “Two Minute Heist,” directed by Dan DeLuca and Kris Arnold. He has also been film editor Thelma Schoonmaker’s First Assistant Editor on the following films: “Gangs Of New York,” “Bringing Out The Dead,” “Kundun,” “Casino,” and Academy Award Winner for Best Editing, “The Aviator.” Scott has also been Staff Editor for Lightworks U.S.A. and was Head of Training for Lightworks for editors and assistants. An accomplished photographer, he specializes in fine art photographic digital printing processes. he holds a B.A. in Motion Picture/Television Production from U.C.L.A.

Thomas Ikimi

Professional Filmmaker
Columbia University alum, completing a bachelors degree in Literature and Writing in May 2004. Directing and the Limbo project came about quite by chance. Primarily a writer, Thomas was half way through his Literature/Writing degree in late 2001 when he decided to write a script on a philosophical idea he’d been thinking about. It was a concept relating to morality, religion and free will. With his savings, some family donations and his student credit card, Thomas wrote, co-produced and directed Limbo at the end of his sophomore year. His Latest work “Limbo” screened for scores of filmmakers and professors and filmmaking professionals at the Tribeca Screening Room in New York City.


~ Best Picture ~

Dolores Van Peaches
Dara Silverman, New York University

~ Concord Award (Best Film Voted by the Audience) ~

Friends… to the End
Noble Robinette and Dan Bulger, University of Notre Dame

~ Best Directed ~

Fish in a Barrel
Jason Toledo, New York University

~ Frontiers Award (Most Original Film) ~

Friends… to the End
Noble Robinette and Dan Bulger, University of Notre Dame

~ Outreach Award (Best Film Dedicated to Community Service or of a Humanitarian Nature) ~

Cause of Death
Lizzie Barcay, Harvard-Westlake High School

~ Best Editing ~

A Song for Our Lady
Andrew Wesman, University High School of San Francisco

~ Best Acting ~

Fish in a Barrel
Jason Toledo, New York University

~ Best Screenplay ~

Dolores Van Peaches
Dara Silverman, New York University

~ Soundtrack Award (Best Use of Music & Sound) ~

Screen Verde
Corey & Anthony Baggett, University of Notre Dame

~ The Feature Films ~

Behind the Curtain
Alvaro Ron, Los Angeles Film School

Corazon En Fuego (Heart on Fire)
Morico Yurakami, University of Southern California

Sneak Preview: Limbo
Thomas Ikimi, Columbia University (Class of 2004)

Official Selections: Finalists

Joe Wu, New York University

Fish in a Barrel
Jason Toledo, New York University

Friends…to the End
Noble Robinette & Dan Bulger, University of Notre Dame

John H. Kim, The Art Institute of Chicago

Cause of Death
Lizzie Barcay, Harvard-Westlake High School

You Are Enframed By The Energy That Is Moving You
Eugene Kotlyarenko, Columbia University

Screen Verde
Corey Baggett & Anthony Baggett, University of Notre Dame

This Year’s Love
Michael Krepack, Harvard-Westlake High School

Dolores Van Peaches
Dara Silverman, New York University

A Song for Our Lady
Andrew Wesman, University High School (San Francisco)

Honorably Mentioned Films

Una Güerita (Directing)
Enrique Leal, Cornell University

Physical Ed (Entertainment)
Kevin A. Howard, NYU

Election Day (Outreach)
Ryan Rogers & Jimmy O’Connell, U. of Notre Dame

Matter and Memory (Frontiers)
Heather McCalden, NYU

A Day in the City (Directing/Cinematography)
Paul Wie, UC Berkeley

Black and White Ghost (Directing)
Leopoldo Rivera, San Leandro HS

Stasis (Editing)
Michael Salerno & Kevin Higgins, U. of Hartford

An Afternoon (Directing)
Kwan-mo Yoo, NYU

Shattered (Cinematography)
Kyle Knopf & Matthew Nardone, SUNY Buffalo

Can We Talk? (Outreach)
Amir Noorani, Cornell University

This is It (Directing/Editing)
Katherine Sharp, NYU

Rain (Directing)
Joey Alvarado, Harvard-Westlake HS

Revisiting (Directing/Editing)
T. Sean Durkin, NYU

All About Tada! (Editing, Frontiers)
Tadakuni Yasunda, NYU

The Cottontail Caper (Entertainment)
Stephanie Wong, UC Irvine
Blaze Orange (Documentary)
Kevin Kilduff, U. of Wisconsin – Madison

Third-Tier Award Winners

Perfect (Entertainment)
Trevor White, Cornell University

Love Heights (Frontiers)
Daniel Lichtenberg, NYU

Movie Nerd (Entertainment)
Jake Geiger, Hofstra University

The Lie (Entertainment)
Sam Blomquist, Harvard-Westlake HS

Fifty-Two Pick-Up Lines (Entertainment)
Sabrina Singh, Harvard-Westlake HS

Pulp Wars (Entertainment)
Steve Latham, U. of Oklahoma

A Christmas Disaster (Entertainment)
Oliver Anderson & Jessica Blaise, Inst. of Cont. Art

Wo Shi Mei Guo Ren (I Am American) (Outreach)
Connie Yip & Jessica Lin, Inst. of Cont. Art

Hip-hop Documentary (Content Award)
Darryl M. Semple, Memorial HS

Welcome (Frontiers)
Jeffrey Cristiani, Oberlin College

Le Parkour (Entertainment)
Benjamin Hyan, Alex Haberman, Ben Lioe, Ricky Dewan, & Tuang Tran, UC Irvine
The Kidnapping of David McCullough (Entertainment)
Chris Beam, Columbia University

Filmmaker Bios

John H. Kim

The Art Institute of Chicago
John H. Kim was born in Virginia, USA in 1980 and then moved to the Republic of Korea. In 1999-2000, he attended a course of design at Seoul National University. Back in USA, from 2002, on to the present day he has been studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Or has been or will be shown at following festivals: Milan International Film Festival, Milano, Italy, 2005 ; Just Another International Film Festival, Farmington, U.S., 2005 ; Filmstock International Film Festival, Luton, United Kingdom, 2005 ; Sopot International Film Festival, Sopot, Poland, 2005 ; Asian American International Film Festival, New York, U.S., 2005.

Dara Silverman

New York University
Dolores Van Peaches
WINNER: Best Picture, Best Screenplay
After growing up in Lexington, Massachusetts, Dara Silverman continued her education at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied film production. After graduating in May of 2005, Dara has worked on several small projects and looks forward to spending her summer interning for artist, Charles Ross in New Mexico.
She plans to return to New York in the fall, where she will edit her senior film, The Destination Party, shot in April of 2005. Dara loves art and film very deeply, and consequently, her work is probably influenced by many of her favorite artists, including filmmakers Vera Chytilova, Jan Svankmajer and Guy Maddin, visual artists Dorothea Tanning and Joseph Cornell, and musicians Kate Bush and Jeff Mangum.

Corey Baggett

University of Notre Dame
Screen Verde
WINNER: Soundtrack Award for Best Use of Music & Sound
Corey will be a junior at the University of Notre Dame. He is double majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and Film. He has made several films at home and school and hopes to be a director. Anthony is about to enter his senior year of high school in Colorado Springs and is currently spending the summer trying to put together some films and playing some calvin-ball on the side.

2007 best picture award

And the 2010 Winners are...

~ Best Picture ~

Action World
Aaron Fronk, Vince DeGaetano, and Cooper Johnson
Columbia College Chicago

~ Concord Award (for Most Popular Film) ~

Jonathan Ong
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

~ Best Directed ~

Action World
Aaron Fronk, Vince DeGaetano, and Cooper Johnson
Columbia College Chicago

~ Best Screenplay ~

Jason Outenreath
Oberlin College

~ Frontiers Award (for Most Original Film) ~

Old Man's Tomb
Matt Reynolds
Bates College, and The Maine Media Workshops

~ Best Editing ~

Wandering Star
Anthony Hays and Matt Yoka
University of Colorado, at Boulder

~ Best Acting ~

"Garbage Day!"
Victor Suarez and John Sadlik Columbia University of New York / University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigne

~ Best Cinematography ~

Warren Budd and his Propeller Plane
Jackson Adams
Emerson College

~ Opus Award (for Best Use of Music & Sound) ~

Erica M. Hart
Northwestern University

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